Whether it’s attending a business meeting, completing overdue filing, maintaining a database or managing your staff and client communication, it all adds up to the sum total of your responsibilities as a small business owner.

Get Stuff Done partners with small business owners to help sift through the operational clutter that could overshadow those critical strategic, sales and marketing matters that need your undivided attention.

Get Stuff Done will become your online assistant. We’ll streamline all your operational needs, from general administration and office management, to market research, accounts administration, database management, web design and software development, event planning, property management and corporate communication.


Meet Lara, the boss lady who loves all things pink. She is the founder of, and driving force behind the success of Get Stuff Done.

Lara has established a reputation with her clients for her prompt response and passion for service excellence. She leads a team of motivated fairies to whom she can delegate with confidence. Their loyalty to Get Stuff Done is purely professional and has nothing to do with Lara’s jar of spa vouchers and treats.

Lara is empathetic but robust which is useful as her home life could be titled, Three Men and a Little Lady, okay two young sons and a husband to be precise.

Lara’s boundless energy vibrates in the Get Stuff Done office.

Based in Cape Town’s trendy Woodstock, she started Get Stuff Done after she was retrenched. Armed with a Macbook and business smarts, she saw the proverbial glass, or in her case mug of coffee, half full and decided to become her own best boss.

She’s disciplined, resourceful and knows her stuff..




  • Thanks for all of your hard work behind the scenes, it was noticed. I just want to say thank you so much for all of your help. I know we couldn’t have done it without you. – Dr Mark Van Der Velde

    CLIENT 22
  • I’ve selected ‘Business Consultant’ from the list but really Lara is so much more than that. She is constantly brimming over with ideas and as such is a reliable source of inspiration as well as resources. If anyone can Get Stuff Done, it’s Lara. – Daisy Ions/ Owner at Cape Concierge cc

    CLIENT 21
  • Get Stuff Done does exactly that!! I have recommended Lara and her team to assist with office moves, gifting and database updating and she has never let me down. – Ivy Farrell/ Owner/Director at Ivy Farrell Recruitment

    CLIENT 20
  • Lara has come through for me many times when I have had tight deadlines or been in a Pinch. There is no better person you can have in your life to get anything done! – Gakim Solomons/ Entrepreneur

    CLIENT 19
  • Lara tackles all projects with enthusiasm and a high level of energy. She is reliable and focused on completing the tasks and challenges she sets out to achieve. Her bubbly personality allows her to fit well into the teams she works with. She is well networked and always knows someone who can assist no matter what the requirement. In our engagement with her she efficiently fulfilled a varied task list and added value above what was specifically tasked. She has truly found her niche and is perfect at “getting stuff done” – Denver Chetty/ Director & Founder, GDS Holdings

    CLIENT 18
  • Lara has found a perfect niche for herself in the market. Not only does she provide an oustanding service and many solutions to your needs, she is also great fun to work with. Get Stuff Done is a fantastic concept for any busy business. – Dave lomas

    CLIENT 16
  • General Post(UK)Ltd is a crew agency in the UK and we have found Get Stuff Done and Lara in particular incredible to work with. Occasionally we have a larger than normal work load and we are able to farm out the admin to Lara and her amazing team. No job too big or small for Lara, always available and being only even an hour or two ahead in time zones totally convenient, as well as highly competitive when paying in Pounds. Thanks Lara, you guys really do Get Stuff Done! – John Baker

    CLIENT 15
  • Lara and her team are amazing! Lara has a huge network of contacts and if you need anyone to do anything – she is the person to contact.Kate Gluckman

    CLIENT 14
  • Lara is the epitome of professionalism, focus and business smarts. Driven by a passion for excellence, her unrelenting commitment to customer satisfaction is catching. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed adding my writing skills to her unrivalled service offering.- Catherine Milward-Bridges

    CLIENT 13
  • I am one of the people who nominated Lara and Get Stuff Done because she is a force to be reckoned with. She always achieves what she sets out to do quickly and smartly. If you need anything done, give Lara a call – if she can’t do it herself, she’ll find someone who can. Nothing is too much trouble. I admire that she took a not-so-fab situation like being retrenched and turned it into a successful business opportunity. Oh, and let it be said she’s a bit nutty too (in a good way)!- Cindy

    CLIENT 12
  • I applied for a non-paying internship with Lara, and ended up earning an income. It’s been more than a year now and I still have constant part time income on top of my other resources. I have found her to be most professional, never moody, and always to the point and practical. A real joy when it comes to getting stuff done.- Charl Henning

    CLIENT 11
  • Get Stuff Done wow they really Get Stuff Done. I’m a single mom and it gets tough at times. Lara helpped me get temp work and when I really needed her she got me a full time job! Just like that in what we call this trying time. Lara really goes the extra mile! She would call me just to find out how I was and if I liked the job! Awesome lady running a kick ass business, that is only going up!- Katerina

    CLIENT 10
  • I’m so looking forward to working with Lara going forward. I met her recently and know that she will be the timeous and efficient admin support that I need to take my part time business, full time.- Nadine

    CLIENT 9
  • I have had the pleasure of recently meeting Lara and she is super efficient and fantastic. Lara has helped me out of a bind of epic proportions and for that I am extremely thankful. Lara and Get Stuff Done are fab!- Mandy Walters

    CLIENT 8
  • Lara is super efficient! We sent her an email asking her to set up some “stuff” Done for us. We were making a trip to Cape Town from Toronto. When we got there everything was done and ready for us to go. Couldn’t have done it without her organizational skills. We Highly recommend her and her team. Continued success Lara, keep up the good work.- Corinne

    CLIENT 7
  • I have used Lara : to sort out and computerise my accounts She listened to me. And my needs, came back with a plan and army of numbers of people to help and trained my secretary all in one ; Not only that her plan included support to make sure that things continue to run smoothly We are now in the modern world. – jeanette gevint

    CLIENT 6
  • So proud to hear that Lara is nominated(for what, please insert)! I’ve done numerous work with Get Stuff Done, always with happy results 🙂 Lara always manages to offer so much help, even for me that’s all the way in Kimberley. Totally deserving of this nomination, she’s a motivation to all young entrepreneurs, and woman around SA. Not only is she so hard working, she’s also very friendly and comfortable to work with. I see big things for Lara in the future! – Kate Valasis

    CLIENT 5
  • Its a pleasure to do business with Lara, she practices what she preaches. Efficient, prompt,reliable and very knowledgeable. I wish her continued success. Manfred Fichtl D.C.S. Durban. – Manfred fichtl

    CLIENT 4
  • Get Stuff Done has helped me cope and lots more. Apart from the high level of competence, they act fast and focus on the important outcomes needed. Where many firms deliver “ok” service…Get Stuff Done delivers excellent service. – Scha van Niekerk

    CLIENT 1
  • I have approached twice, once in late 2011 early 2012 and now in mid 2013. Each time I’ve had fantastic service and their work has helped our office out of a bind. I thoroughly recommend them. Lara is great to work with. Sincerely Bridget Thompson (exec trustee Arts and Ubuntu trust). – Bridget Thompson

    CLIENT 2
  • Its a pleasure to do business with Lara, she practices what she preaches. Efficient, prompt,reliable and very knowledgeable. I wish her continued success. Manfred Fichtl D.C.S. Durban. – Manfred fichtl

    CLIENT 3