About Us

So what exactly is Get Stuff Done? It’s the admin help you need when all the filing and organising is getting completely out of hand. It’s the decluttering you need when you just can’t face those cupboards or that spare room on your own. And it’s the lifestyle management you need when your to-do list is just a headache waiting to happen.

Get Stuff Done partners with business owners and busy individuals to help sift through the operational clutter that could overshadow those critical strategic, sales and marketing matters as well as the personal stuff that needs your undivided attention. do

We’ll streamline all your operational needs personal or business, So if your office needs bookkeeping, typing, admin or managing, we’ll get stuff done.

If your business needs HR or recruitment services, we’ll get stuff done.

If your home needs decluttering, moving or unpacking, we’ll get stuff done. And if your life needs less stress, more organising and more joy, we’ll get stuff done.


Meet Lara, the boss lady who loves all things pink. She is the charismatic founder of, and driving force behind the success of Get Stuff Done.

Lara has established a reputation with her clients for her prompt response and passion for service excellence. She leads a team of motivated fairies to whom she can delegate with confidence. Their loyalty to Get Stuff Done is purely professional and has nothing to do with Lara’s jar of spa vouchers and treats.

Based in Cape Town’s trendy Woodstock, she started Get Stuff Done after she was retrenched. Armed with a Macbook and business smarts, she saw the proverbial glass (or in her case mug of coffee) half full, and decided to become her own best boss.

She’s disciplined, resourceful and knows her stuff.